Wednesday, February 10, 2016

top 10 authentic and reliable gluten free food list

  Gluten free food list:


gluten free food list

  • Butter. Naturally gluten free.

  • Milk. Actually gluten free.

  • Cream. Actually gluten free.

  • Buttermilk. Naturally gluten free.
  • Cheese and cheese spreads. Cheese by itself should be without anyone else's input ought to be normally
  • Eggs and Egg Substitutes. Continuously search for gluten free marks on these. Hummus is an extraordinary wellspring of protein. Normally gluten free. 

  • Margarine and Spreads. Even though naturally gluten free, look for
          gluten free brands only.

  • Sour Cream. Most of the time sour cream is naturally gluten free
         unless something else was added, so look for other ingredients.

  • Soymilk is on top of gluten free food lists.

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