Monday, February 15, 2016

Top 10 surprising causes of skin allergies.

Causes of skin allergies:

  • Nickel . A metal frequently encountered in jewelry and clasps or buttons on clothing causes skin allergies.

  • Gold (gold sodium thiosulfate). A precious metal often found in jewelry.  
causes of skin allergies

  • Balsam of Peru (myroxylon pereirae). A fragrance used in perfumes and skin lotions, derived from tree resin.

  • Thimerosal. A mercury compound used in local antiseptics and in as a preservative in some vaccines.

  • Neomycin sulfate. A topical antibiotic common in first aid creams and ointments, also found occasionally in cosmetics, deodorant, soap, and pet food.

  • Fragrance mix. A group of the eight most common fragrance allergens found in foods, cosmetic products, insecticides, antiseptics, soaps, perfumes, and dental products.

  • Formaldehyde. A preservative with multiple uses. It's found in paper products, paints, medications, household cleaners, cosmetic products, and fabric finishes.

  • Cobalt chloride. Metal found in medical products; hair dye; antiperspirant; objects plated in metal such as snaps, buttons or tools; and in cobalt blue pigment.

  • Bacitracin. A topical antibiotic.


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